A few words from our founder and CEO

image4Since the beginning of my career in the tourism industry my objective has been to provide a bright vision of Israel and its people.  I have put all my effort in promoting the different regions and beauty of this country. Levona Travel is the result of hard work and commitment to this same purpose.

I found that through this boutique travel agency I was able to offer additionally to the regular services that the tour operators provide, by specializing in VIP tours, for any number of people, the experience of a visit to the Holy Land would become the indelible memory that everyone is looking to find in this country.

Allow me to guide you through the most fulfilling experience for your mind and spirit.

Levana Kahiri


Levana Kahiri, the founder and CEO of Levona Travel, has been involved in the tourism and hospitality industry for over twenty years.  Ms. Kahiri has held all positions in the hierarchy of a company in the tourism sector and as a result the services offered by the company are highly competitive and looking for the best interest of the travelers.