Professional Tours

Tours especially tailored for Business People and Professionals that are interested in knowing about the many technological advances that take place in Israel.  We offer among others, the following tours:


a.       Agriculture:

Visit to the different areas where developments in irrigation and greenhouses are made, desert farming, dairy farming, fish farming.

b.      Wine and Vineyards:

Israel is been developing vineyards and from there wineries with quality wines, we visit these wineries and learn about the process of wine-making while we explore the country.

c.       Culinary:

Israel is a melting pot of many different cultures that have arrived with their own cuisine.  While we visit different regions of the country, we try the delicacies that each one has to offer.

d.      Security and Defense:

Israel is known for its many advances in Security and Defense, we will visit different locations and institutions that develop the equipment and training.

e.      Hi Tech:

Hi Tech is the flag industry in the Start-Up nation. Also, the most renown technology companies have offices in Israel, we will visit and  have briefings with executives of some of them.